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A Chlamydia test for men is available for those who experience the Chlamydia symptoms or simply think that got infected. The tests are specific are they are not carried on a regular routine so any individuals who has had unprotected intercourse with an infected partner are advised to seek medical attention and more information about these tests from their medical care providers.

Most of the Chlamydia tests involve a urine or body fluid sample or a swab of cells from the cervix (in women) or urethra (in men). The purpose of the Chlamydia tests is to see whether the Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria are found in the body fluids. If so, then the individual will be treated with antibiotics.

A Chlamydia Test For Men - Chlamydia Test Results

Chlamydia tends to be asymptomatic so it can be quite difficult to diagnose. However, individuals who are more prone to get it are those sexually active and younger than 25, who have had more than 2 sexual partners in the last 12 months and those who have practiced unprotected intercourse with individuals they do not know. These are the [people who should get checked out to make sure they are not sick. If one of the partners has been diagnosed with Chlamydia, both partners need treatment.

The main test for a Chlamydia infection is the nucleic acid amplification test or NAAT. This test is used to detect the DNA of the Chlamydia bacterium. The NAAT test is the most accurate test for Chlamydia infection that are available and it comes with the advantage that it can be done on a urine sample.

Chlamydia Test Results

The DNA probe test or nucleic acid hybridization test might also be used and although it is not as accurate as the NAAT, it is still a reliable type of test. There are also quick tests such as enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay or direct fluorescent antibody test which is used to detect Chlamydia antigens, substances that are released by the immune system to fight against Chlamydia infections.

Chlamydia culture is another test used to diagnose for Chlamydia. It is a reliable laboratory test and the Chlamydia test results in this case might be available in up to a week. It is also more expensive than the others. This test is the most uncomfortable and painful as well. In men it consists in taking a swab of cells from the urethra through the opening at the tip of the penis. This is the main reason why most men prefer the urine sample tests even though they are less accurate.

Based on the Chlamydia test results, the doctor will decide a treatment plan for the both partners. The best thing about this infection is that it can be easily treated with antibiotics and unless one gets re-infected it does not tend to cause more problems.

To conclude, a Chlamydia test for men should be ordered as soon as the symptoms have appeared in order to avoid the development of potential complications such as infertility.

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